We never grow up. Not really! This is a tale about a guy and his fascination with the full moon that has deep roots in his life.


Over coffee….

I opened the cafe’s door and eyed around. Few couples and a group of friends…Not that crowded. Although, the couples hardly looked away from the faces of their “the ones” , i knew the kids were not a threat. In fact, there was nothing here more dangerous than myself. I chose a corner. As i…

The forgotten Love..

The car is stopped. The traffic is terrible. The glasses of the vehicle are up. Its just me and the cab-driver. The FM buzzes…and I drift away as I always do…all the time. and I enjoy the smell, you too enjoyed the smell. It is always the same, but we both enjoy it. Together? may…

The BlossomingĀ Child

A father turns to nature to find solace for his ailing child. Source: The BlossomingĀ Child

The wait..

We hate waiting. We demand for speed. But some things are worth waiting. This is a tale of a fruitful wait…:)

The snip..

We never know when is our last day. This story explores an ill-fated event that leaves its mark on a relationship. Enjoy

The clock….

We all share a bond with our grandparents. Childhood seeks greatness in their company. This tale explores one such bond. Enjoy.

Magic Happens…!

Its difficult to define magic, but not difficult to experience. Here’s a story of three friends discovering enchantment..


Well..we drift all the time. It is unavoidable. Here is a tale of realization a son had about his father..Its never too late!


We all say it, all the time….We all have been there. Involuntary. Some never get a chance for a real one …This is one such tale of a good bye that was never said out loud.

Men of Shades!

Commuting is tiresome. Routine is lethal. Being trapped in this monotonous work environment, its complimentary. An attempt to eye things during those dreadful hours…Hope you all will enjoy reading it šŸ™‚

Hello world!

A lot happens everyday…A lot does not happen everyday. Here are some scribbles, as I wade-like everybody-through life. Crap! Overdid it..Just regular posts…enjoy reading! Fin.