We don’t talk anymore…

“So of course, this is very inappropriate number of characters for a text to send from a phone, and that is one of the reason why it didn’t make it to your inbox but of course you know the real reason. I had phrases planned like “how was your day?” “Was traffic horrible at your side too?” “did you get up late and wore mismatched socks to work?” and once I typed it out, they seemed very silly…silly even to exist in somebody’s sent items, let alone in their inbox. So, the backspace did it. But the backspace history has it all.  All the feelings, word games, mistakes: all of it!

So as the Earth swirls and a new day begins, I start with these “backspace plays”/stupidity and they go on like following:

“Morning! (How typical!”Rack your brains, what else can you say dude?) Did you get enough sleep last night? Did you watch “The Voice: season 8”? It was a complete waste of time. Better switch on to some other show. Heard “The Kites” getting popular! Have you watched the teaser?” Never mind!

Its afternoon: Sun is scorching, you must be feeling the same. We kind of live a couple of kilometers apart: Did you eat? Did you ordered the salad again? Is it still your favourite? Eat something solid…(Who are you? my mom?) Don’t be so health conscious..None of us are getting out alive (courtesy of stupid Facebook memes).

Its evening: “Its freezing here, all of a sudden! Is it cold there? I am having a cappuccino…Feels like bliss. Do you enjoy the foam within? Feels cliche when it sticks to your 1-month-old mustache which Sandra seems to adore?” And when it comes to Sandra, I can chat with you for hours on it, but I am real human being. I work to earn money and I haven’t got whole day to text (such lies), and I have got meetings and stuff you know, so I stop myself there to resume while traveling back from work.

Late evening: “Do you see the sky? It’s pity it’s not star-lit today..I kind of end up getting lost in that space. What are your favorite tracks to listen? This time is all about Radio FM, playlists and podcasts? Oh ! You don’t even have time to listen to the podcasts since you have those endless excel sheets to fill. I get it. All of us cry about it and cant do without it. And now you will wonder how I end up having so much time …so backspace! Hello, I am a busy man.

Night: “I feel like crashing on a soft couch with a bowl of ice-cream and a silver spoon that hits the bowl in a nice way and flip the channel to something that will feed my productivity. Movies? Do you know some good ones? Not the Oscar-worthy or some random festival nominee …those never caught my eyes..but the real ones…that connect you and me and our real lives..something that we can relate, or rather you can! Because that would do it.

Had dinner? (cliche). What was on the menu? Was it too spicy today? Didn’t you warn your maid to put less chilies? Did you grab a chocolate later? I bet you did…You are just too polite to your maid..you can never be rude to people in general..But of course, you must not have made it for dinner. The maid must have packed the dinner in the refrigerator and left. You must have gone out with your colleagues for a quick round of drinks..and it was never quick. You booked Uber, ended up at 1:00 am at home and crashed in your super comfy bed…who has time to have dinner and of course if that involves, getting up and heating the food in oven? So you slept, snored even, and I watched your last seen (such a stalker! Grow up!) and tried to get some sleep. In reality, all I had sent was “Good night”.

I get up and of course know that there wont be a text from you. I did not expect it either. Change is inevitable (Thanks to Facebook memes) and adapt and blah blah…But when you are psyched from the insides, a lesson is not enough. So, I think again of all this build-up  “Its a new day! How are you feeling? Energetic? Do you have a meeting today? Would you be skipping lunch today as well?” and then backspace! Of course, some of it is really shitty ,whereas some holds those deepest desires. And at times, I feel glad for the fact that backspace does exist. Who the hell keeps texting every now and then? Who’s that free? Phew! Get a life or a real job or something closer…That’s all.


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