They were three different saplings once, but now transformed into three beautiful trees. It was time for a reunion. One travelled all the way from  the city of Mumbai, one from the paradise: Goa. The other one was already in Bangalore. And that was the place to meet.The café was “Almitz”, on 8th block. There was nothing different here. The three guys were equally comfortable sitting on a tree branch like old times. But this is what grown ups do, and so were they now.

The orders were placed, the three of them produced their latest cell phones: clearly they had stable jobs now. One of them drank water, the other one just admired the company while the third eyed a girl sitting all by herself in a corner seat.

The dishes were brought by the “generous” waiter and the hungry three  dug themselves. After some time, their own talks brought the delights on the table. “Remember one time you faked a fever..” “or remember how you stole the book from the library” “or remember the evening cricket after the cartoon show?” The memories they revived were endless. And a new one was under construction. This! Their meet after four years!They didnt even ping each other in last six months.

Tears rolled through their eyes, but not the memories but the food was spicy. The bill was summoned and now three credit cards flashed. Earlier, the three would burrow coins from each other to play.Now the game was money. Finally, it was time to go and crash into an apartment of one. The walk from the cafe to the house was memorable.So much that no-one recollected the event.

Once in the room, the chilled beer cans were unloaded from the fridge. Every sip and the talks went from “Girlfriends” to “career frustrations” to “purpose of life” and “ghost stories”. They had some things to tell: but this was a safer ground. Also, many things were different now. Doing the expected and no-one will doubt. The three friends giggled while their hearts had a different story. One of them yawned, and that did it! Soon, the three fell asleep murmuring about the “good times” and it was midnight already.

In their dreams, the three went back to the branch that they sat on in their childhood, they rode dragons and sung their favorite cartoon title tracks and enacted them. The clock ticked away and it was morning. Sleepy eyed and tousled head, the two woke up and got ready. But the one said, stay! Just one more day. The two of them eyed each other. “I have work.” He said but the other gave him a look. He understood. The tripod stood balanced. Somewhere up, the destiny smiled. Fin.




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  1. Hemangini says:

    sad and happy at the same time..

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