There’s you and there’s this song!

Life in a playlist.

1. When you reach the end of a song in your playlist and you already know the next track. May be in life too?

2.When you only know the chorus and still believe that you can sing the entire song.

3. When you listen to a song for the first time, and 3 seconds later, you already know how many awesome nights its going to be a part of!

4.The build-up before the chorus and you relate that to an airplane taking off the runway.

5 The despair moment (in traffic) when you are done playing five favorite tracks already and haven’t moved an inch.

6. Knowing that eventually the song will exit from the playlist and your heart will agree one-hundred per cent. Worst part: you would be the one deleting it. (The people fading in your life just because there’s nothing new in them)

7.The song is playing in the salon you just entered and you desperately want to know the details, so you place your android next to the player, hoping your app will trace and recognize it. And then: BOOM! It’s already playing in your ears after the haircut.

8. When you both like the same track and realize that may be you are a half and he/she can be your better half. (soulmates)

9 Those moments when your Google searches for the song becomes insanely awkward like “the song when James enters the pub with Samantha” “the track when pigeons fly over the city in..”

10.Your destination has arrived, but you are unhappy because you haven’t reached the end of the song and it just doesn’t feel right!

11. When you are listening to one song on a radio channel and accidentally flips on the next channel only to realize that this was better one..(already something good exists the other side and you were busy in this “life”).

12. Its 3 AM, and you are rocking moves standing on your bed, headphones plugged in and you danced like nobody is watching.(but someone did: You!)

13. That tune you keep humming every now and then, but your brain can’t recollect where you heard it the first time.

14. The moment when “every good song has to end” happens in your life and you realize it’s not only the song that ends.

15. Its time to wrap this post up. Listen. Dream. Fin.


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  1. Hemangini says:

    life isn’t a playlist…. we do have some destinations predefined for us but it’s not necessary to take that route. You can chose. That’s where we humans differ, we always have choices and our choices make us.

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