Fireworks & Fascinations…

The monsoon’s here. As the sky up crumbles and the lightning lights up the entire city, I think about you and I remember firework. As a kid, I was fascinated with fireworks. And as an adult, I still am. The sight of it bursting against the dark-pitched sky sends goosebumps all over my body. I also enjoy the sound followed after the bursts, like crumpling chocolate wrappers. It echoes..and my heart beats faster..overwhelmed. I don’t recollect the first memory of watching a bursting firework..was it during the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi-the popular idol festival here, was it during the new year party? or was it during the Diwali? Or was it just on a random day when I was on terrace and happen to see the sky? I am not sure..But ever since, I am crazy about it. Not to lit it myself but just to see it exploding in the horizon.

I like the lights descending from the center as it explodes..who knew a tiny little dot could hold such a fire within? Yes sure we can talk about how it’s like the light in the dark and hope when everything ends and such clichés. But there’s some pleasure watching a lit sky. Miracles? May be…Isn’t that what we hope for? And then life happens.

I was in a stadium lit with adrenaline. Crowd screamed holding posters, players on the field dripping in sweat. I was on the edge too, hands raised and throat dried as I joined the screaming. There were fireworks here too. This was different. There was so much light around and the fireworks just added the brightness. There was no darkness here. At least no one portrayed.

Then a new firework was lit, but the crowd reacted differently this time. Usually, the claps and screams of delight in the background but the screams were of pain now and not for the players. I sprinted towards the exit as blood splashed around. It was not a pleasant color to paint on your body. People screamed in agony, stepped over each other, fell. Chaos. The fireworks continued bursting. Now it was costing lives…I felt no hope, no miracle. The ears went numb. My heart was beating faster, but it was the panic. From now on, the fireworks meant something else….Fin.


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