The city that made me hate rain.

To Bangalore,

They say when you are tired, you speak truth or “truther”, if that’s a thing. So should I be speaking the truth all the time? When you are traveling (I know I talk about it every f****ing time but that’s where you will find me mostly) and you sit next to a window, and the movie of your life that plays by imparts a thrill..It lasts for a while and then you start thinking: I shouldn’t have ditched him, I should have listened, cared more, cared less, right job, right living! All the right things that you should have done through your perspective.

You get down and look up at the sky, and you fathom, such a tiny soul I am in this gigantic universe and how could I possibly be sad? In few decades, it would be long gone. So, lets hurry? Tell the loved ones, how deeply you miss them? Make out with cats if that makes you happy or dope once in a while?  (I know but I am not currently..). Then the bus honks, and you are back on planet Earth and you wear the fake suit and mingle. You try blending and secretly wish for a distinction.  If you are a janitor, you start cleaning the toilets, if you are a vendor, you start assembling the cart…and if you are a businessman, I don’t know what you do!


Its evening,and you want some “space”! and you decide to take a stroll, a cigarette in your pocket and then you light it and then you travel with yours eyes open…The break is over. You want to be there for some more time and enjoy but there are house loans to be paid. So you head back to your workplace. Now you look at the clouds and curse as its going to rain and will cause you trouble..the days are long gone, when you made paper boats and imaginary tsunamis in puddles..Now you stamp on a paper boat wondering what shit is that and the mud stains your trousers and you raise the middle finger to the sky.

You reach home, among your loved ones and the day is called off…Dinner and flip through the TV and its no different: the air is polluted, the people too! You see dance shows and clap on their moves.. And its midnight.. You yawn and it’s the android calling..Swipe over the messages, as you stare at their Whatsapp dps, pain shots across your heart but you swallow and open Facebook. This also doesn’t stop disappointing you. You click likes on the pics before loading and leave the device for charging. Sleep and lord almighty! How lucky we are to be able to close our eyes to all these horrors around and wake up to a new beginning. And then next day, you sit next to a window and dream…on and on!

 Yours faithful idiot.


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