Just like that..!

So why is that people keep talking about failure so often?
Why do I want to write such a post? whine about it? Was it because the page lay in front of me and I couldn’t feel like writing anything? Is that also a failure? I don’t know.Failure comes in all shapes and sizes. It is different for different people. Setting up the alarm for 6 and waking up at 7 am? Is that also a failure?  Why we don’t talk about how was it like to go through all that without being dramatic?? A lot gets talked about hitting the rock-bottom and resurfacing. But what about the agony you face when you hit rock-bottom? There’s no guarantee about its duration, about how long you will suffer. They say you are born with it..Destiny and names like that and than you are like a heart-broken hero in a flick: you just stand there while the world shifts…sleeps and wakes up and laughs and you just stand still.

During these hard times, you grab to some dear things…Friends, immediate reach? That’s a difficult category, isn’t it? Very difficult to define at times..Family? Always there! For few of us have learned to live without it! Few of us have “found” new families..They all are people and can be very difficult to seek help from at times! So you move to animals…A dog, a cat cuddling next to you is soothing? Definitely! Will that solve the problem? Why in the first place it has to be solved? Cant you have both sides of the coin?

Courage is what it  takes to stand firm? Is that all? Do you just hit a church/mosque/temple and plea for strength while all those Sundays you have been very busy facebooking the parties and have almost overlooked HIS existence? Wait a minute…Does “HE”even exists? Lets not make it controversial.. so, how many us stand thick and come out of it alive? how many of us surrender to the heart -crushing failure? All those difficult times..and you long for a shoulder to cry on, a call you want to make, a voice you wanna hear, a food that you wanna swallow.. Anything…!


And then you smile at a blooming plant, at a hungry crow nibbling the flesh, a passenger getting a seat after having stood for a long time. You smile at a group taking selfies and feel old! You smile at beggars receiving money, you smile at anything positive…now you have eyes..that can see the happiness…puffs of it.Now you observe nature..you see beauty around. Earlier you had some wild fantasies and expectations: you thought money and happiness had an equation. You thought happiness was defined..now, when you are thirsty and you find water and that makes you happy. It was for granted all this while…but now you have eyes. Now you pity all those humans…you smile on to them.

So did the failure taught you all that? I don’t know…Was it worth the wait? I don’t know that too…will it be? who knows!!
So when it hits you, you do like all “those” people did.. You get up, get ready, keep a straight face and walk carrying the burden  along with hope..but you still walk! Whether your loved ones died or are as good as dead, your cancer isn’t cured, your color pencils got stolen, your son is just biological now…whatever! we all wish for a good time..We all look for that happiness we know very little about. Of course the sun rises every morning! So what if its just the Earth that rotates creating the illusion? It’s”Hope” enough!.


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