It was getting late. I never wanted to miss it. I sipped the warm milk in a hurry and sprinted out of the door. Soon I was out of the house, on the tar road, running. It was a special night. The sun was ready for setting. Few stars twinkled on a backdrop of violet. As I ran further, the houses scattered around and soon the vegetation took over. A mix of bamboos and cashew trees lined up on my either sides….and few coconut trees towered above all, kissing the sky. I ran and now the city noise faded away, the only noise was of my slippers. I was breathing hard by the time I reached the place. He was already waiting for me. That lifted my heart up. He always did. “What took you so long?” “Sorry..” I apologized. “Well, lets not discuss that! You don’t want to miss it, do you?” He asked and dragged me into the canopy of trees. We were walking carefully. Besides the cobwebs sticking to our  our faces, we faced nothing wild yet. Finally, we reached the spot.

“Any minute now..” He said looking at the sky. Clouds cleared and the full-moon appeared. We waited, our hearts beating fast, for some signs, but only the crickets chirped and then few bushes twitched..a wild rabbit..a stray dog..a stranded buffalo… may be? who cares?As the noise approached us, we both started running, at the same time screaming “Werewolf” and ran back towards the road that led us to our homes.” Is he still behind?” I asked laughing, as I saw the source: a cow.”Yes!” He said “Run faster or else he will bite you!” “RUNNNN!” I screamed and ran. He ran too. Eventually, we stopped and laughed our heads off.


6 years later….
This city was different. The concretes were all over the place. The coffee was over. It was time for us go. “Thanks for taking your time out!” I said.

“You are always welcome” He said and waved me goodbye. We have been friends for a year now..I waited to board the bus at the stop.  Few minutes passed. “Did you get the bus?” I got a text from him. “Not yet..” I replied. “Ok” he texted. Out of habit, i looked in the sky. “By the way, its full moon!” I texted. “Yeah.. its nice isn’t it?” “Yeah!” “Don’t worry, it will reappear after few days” he texted. Luckily, I saw an auto-rickshaw and got into it. “Got the bus..good night!” I texted.

3 years later…
The drink was nearly spilling from my glass and the girl was all over me. I was done dancing. “I need a minute..” “But this is my favorite song..” she said. “Yeah…like now?” I said and excused myself to the balcony of the flat. The music was not that loud now. I sipped the drink and shuddered as it went down the dried throat. I looked up an saw it glowing…”I am not turning tonight” I said raising the glass to him. “But I wish I could.” Somewhere down the street, a dog howled and I wished he wasn’t a dog.

2 years later…
We lay down next to each other on the sand. The beach was deserted. It was 1 am. The only sound was of the gentle waves hitting the shore. We looked into each others eyes in darkness.”Your job awaits..” “I know..  I don’t want to board the flight!” I said.

“Hmmmmm…’s full moon tonight” She said. I stared. It was clear, unlike all the other times I saw. The sky was pitch black and it shone bright. “I wonder how many are turning tonight!” I said.

“What”? She asked, puzzled.

“Into a werewolf!” I said. I couldn’t see her eyes clearly but she must have rolled it. She laughed. “Like where!” I got the hint and didn’t say anything…

4 years later….
The bus was speeding over a flyover. I sat near the window and a message popped up. “We are going out for dinner. Come directly to the Ambour”  I replied “OK” and stared out and saw it again.It looked the same. Brilliant, as always. I scrolled down the contact list and texted “Check out the sky! Its full moon !” Few minutes passed and another text appears “Are you ready to run?”  .


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