The forgotten Love..

The car is stopped. The traffic is terrible. The glasses of the vehicle are up. Its just me and the cab-driver. The FM buzzes…and I drift away as I always do…all the time. and I enjoy the smell, you too enjoyed the smell. It is always the same, but we both enjoy it. Together? may be not! But it still leaves its mark. Now the scent makes me dream, a song in the background and i assume myself as the protagonist.Then I paint the pictures, as vivid and unreal as it can involves you and me, like old times. But i still dare to paint. And how marvelous they turn out, as though i found a meaning..a purpose.

The thrill lasts for quite some time and then as the vehicle moves a little, i stare at the drops on the windscreen, as they slide like people in my life and I sigh. But its going to rain again, I comfort my self. There will be many more rains…Each unlike before, but it WILL. But also the earth is warming up. That scares me! I don’t like the idea of not smelling the rain-water scent again. As the trees sway around me , drenched in recent shower, I dream of becoming one of them. Then i wonder will that be enough? I absolutely loath them. For a moment, i think of getting out and just standing there on the road till the rain stops. But then there are so many things that i cant do…Like see the rains through your eyes! Do you get goosebumps too when its cold? I wonder..Do you pray for the person when an ambulance passes by? I have seen countless people doing that and for some strange reason, I respect them more. Do you do the same? I never asked you…I never asked you many things…

blog 67

I roll down the windscreen with a press and stare up at clouds: now a mass of grey. The color was not familiar until now. I felt gloomy and so you do. If it wasn’t so grey, it wouldn’t have rained. I say. Does that hold good for everything? I wonder. It didn’t hold good for us. And we both belonged to the same planet. People honked around me, impatiently but the thoughts didn’t fade away. They never do. Not when you are there. You are always there. Like the dripping noise around me.

Water has started clogging on roads, puddles flow from everywhere. So does my emotions for you. They squeeze out of my heart and I lay helpless. The whole scene lasts for few minutes and all that time I focus only on you and the tears fill my eyes. Its raining already..i say and wipe them away. And then the signal turns green. I wish that would happen for me in your life. But we have changed paths now.

People around me are cursing: for weather, for the jam, for government, for everything. Should i curse you too? How could I ? From the same heart? It will never happen! The rains wont feel the same again. I hand the driver the money. “I will get down here…” I say . He takes it and counts.Then he says “Its better to walk “. I smiled. “At least you get me!”I get down and the water drops are all over me. And I walk..never looking back.


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