Hello world!

A lot happens everyday…A lot does not happen everyday.

Here are some scribbles, as I wade-like everybody-through life.

Crap! Overdid it..Just regular posts…enjoy reading!




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  1. gapawa says:

    Hello Guatam, thank you for the follow. What do you think about the dream and the reality? How they overlap? Is the present moment really free or is it the ultimate trap? Also, what about purpose? There are many strange things running around in and on the world.

    1. Hi gapawa! You are welcome.
      Well.. I believe that dreams are absolutely necessary , without which we all will be doomed in reality and reality, being real, is not always a treat. The present moment seems to lead to an ultimate trap from which we all have no escape, but would still hope that the freedom lies within each one. All we can do is experience it. I am not sure about the “purpose” ,as i am yet to uncover that 🙂 Also, the space on the paper is relatively less to write about it. World is a beautiful place, but most often, it is too late when we realize!

  2. gapawa says:

    Thanks for your reply I look forward to more from you!

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